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Women's Basketball

2016-17 Women's Basketball Fall Preview


The 2016-17 season tips off November 11th!

With the season just around the corner, a refresher on the nine women's basketball teams gets fans primed for the 2016-17. The head coaches also took the time to give a synopsis of the season ahead.

Cal Poly 
Starters Returning: 3
Letterwinners Returning: 11
Newcomers: 4
All-Conference Returnees: Hannah Gilbert (2nd), Dynn Leaupepe (HM)
2015-16 Record: 15-16 (7-9 Big West)

From Head Coach Faith MimnaughIt is good to have so many upperclass women that have an understanding about our core values and expectations. We have good speed, a natural aggressiveness and willingness to put the team goals above individual accolades. That's a very good recipe for success.” 

Cal State Fullerton 
Starters Returning: 1
Letterwinners Returning: 3
Newcomers: 4
All-Conference Returnees: None
2015-16 Record: 3-27 (1-15 Big West)

From Head Coach Daron ParkBecause of the people within our program, I am as excited for this season as I ever have been since I arrived at Cal State Fullerton, and it all starts with our student-athletes. We’ve got a small, but talented roster. Jade Vega and Lauren Nubla are returning guards that played significant minutes for us last year. The addition of Iman Lathan and Jordan Jackson to our team provides us immediate talent and competitiveness on the wings. Daeja Smith is healthy after sitting out last year with an injury. She and Dhanyel Johnson will be counted on in middle.

It’s been fun watch our incoming student-athletes China Henderson, Onyx Henderson and Keimeshia Walker get up and running. With a short roster, everyone has to be ready to play. We’ve been counting the days to tip off the season, and I’m excited to continue to build this program and looking forward to a competitive season in a competitive Big West Conference.

Starters Returning: 4
Letterwinners Returning: 9
Newcomers: 5
All-Conference Returnees: Channon Fluker (1st)
2015-16 Record: 7-24 (5-11 Big West)

From Head Coach Jason Flowers…"Like every team in America, we are excited about the start of the season. Our conference continues to improve and we look forward to the challenges that will present. Our young women have done a good job focusing on the process during the offseason and have improved in a variety of ways. We are blessed to be involved in an outstanding game that provides tremendous opportunities. This season brings with it many of those opportunities."

Long Beach State 
Starters Returning: 5
Letterwinners Returning: 10
Newcomers: 3
All-Conference Returnees: Raven Benton (1st), Anna Kim (HM), Jewelyn Sawyer (HM)
2015-16 Record: 24-9 (12-4 Big West)

From Head Coach Jody Wynn…“Fans will definitely see a team that plays with a lot of energy, and a lot of effort on both ends of the floor. I think it’s an exciting style of basketball. One thing that I think people will walk away with after seeing this Long Beach State team play is that they play hard. We work very hard on that effort being consistent night in and night out; making sure that we control the controllable.”

UC Davis 
Starters Returning: 3
Letterwinners Returning: 7
Newcomers: 4
All-Conference Returnees: Morgan Bertsch (2nd), Pele Gianotti (HM)
2015-16 Record: 19-13 (10-6 Big West)

From Head Coach Jennifer Gross…”Players like Rachel (Nagel) and Pele (Gianotti) are showing the younger players the level, the urgency, and the intensity, they need to bring to every single drill. And the freshmen are not shying away from the competition. We've talked a lot about our goals as a team and how we really want to set the bar high for ourselves. However, we are also very aware that it's only October and we can't win a Big West championship today. We have to start building proper habits, really focusing on the details and, more than anything, be 100 percent committed to our defense.  I’m excited that we have a group of competitors that enjoys each other and has fun playing together. I think that's going to translate to a lot of success on the court."

UC Irvine 
Starters Returning: 3
Letterwinners Returning: 8
Newcomers: 4
All-Conference Returnees: None
2015-16 Record: 4-27 (1-15 Big West)

From Head Coach Tamara Inoue…”The team is working extremely hard and doing their absolute best every day. I am fortunate to walk into a program with five tremendous seniors who have welcomed my staff with open arms. Chole Kellum will always bring the fight to practice, Brittany Glassow is being challenged outside her comfort zone and is handling it very well, Irene Chavez is a tireless worker, and Mckenzie Piper and Shereen Sutherland bring that BCS mentality which raises the competitiveness at practice. I am looking forward to the season ahead and I know we will come prepared and ready to compete every game.”

UC Riverside 
Starters Returning: 3
Letterwinners Returning: 6
Newcomers: 5
All-Conference Returnees: Réjane Verin (1st), Simone DeCoud (2nd), Michelle Curry (HM)
2015-16 Record: 23-9 (16-0 Big West)

From Head Coach John Margaritis
…”Obviously, last year’s team is UCR history…  With our four seniors having graduated and Jazzmeen Williams not being able to return after her knee injury we are definitely a different team.  We are young and inexperienced.  We have a few returners that need to play at a high level to keep us afloat in the early going.  We also have some talented newcomers that need time to develop.  It is a little too early for predictions but we hope to stay healthy and be competitive in due time.”

UC Santa Barbara 
Starters Returning: 5
Letterwinners Returning: 7
Newcomers: 5
All-Conference Returnees: Makala Roper (HM)
2015-16 Record: 12-20 (8-8 Big West)

From Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
…”I think for us there's tremendous excitement in the program. We've added needed depth at every position, our returners are better, our transfers and our freshman have been able to make an impact at practice and make our practice more competitive. Certainly there's a lot of work for us moving forward to get ready for conference play, but we're excited about the opportunity to grow and learn during our non-conference schedule.”

Starters Returning: 2
Letterwinners Returning: 5
Newcomers: 9
All-Conference Returnees: None
2015-16 Record: 21-11 (12-4 Big West)

From Head Coach Laura Beeman…”We’re going to be a completely different looking team. Not only the faces, but in some of the schemes that we’re going to execute offensively and defensively. We’re going to be lacking some experience at times, but we will be the same Hawai‘i team that plays incredibly hard.”