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#BigWestNation Tour Diaries: Perseverance with Katelin King



"Senior night isn't my endgame, every night could be my last...
I made the decision a long time ago that if I'm going to play,
I'm going to give it everything I have."

- Katelin King

As someone who grew up with a Sacramento Kings decal plastered on a wall in her home, it's safe to say the West Sacramento-native hails from a hoops family.

The guard played four years of varsity basketball under her father in high school where she picked up the nickname "White Chocolate" after sharing Jason Williams' No. 55 on the court.

Basketball was a language her and her father spoke more often than not, and playing on his team was both the "biggest blessing and the biggest curse."  Though she shared it was hard to leave the game on the court, she would play another four years for her father if she could.

Now a CSUN Matador, Katelin has pre and post-game talks with her family ritually - superstition is strict law for the Kings.

Katelin always puts her left sock on before her right, her left shoe before her right.  The sophomore even wears the same hair ties that she practiced with all week during the game.

For someone that had everything down to a T when it came to preparation and practive, injury derailed that plan the summer before her first year as a Matador.

With what turned out to be a herniated disk, Katelin was sidelined for the first season she'd spend with CSUN.

"It was a basketball player's worst nightmare," said King.

Watch on to see how Katelin made her way back to the court and who helped her earn the privilege to pull on the CSUN jersey.