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#BigWestNation Tour Diaries: Many The Miles




Miles Hawai'i women's basketball will spend in the air during conference play in 2016


Miles the senior class will have traveled in league over its four campaigns

We had a chance to catch up with seniors Destiny King and Kalei Adolpho, while they were on the mainland for the Long Beach State and UC Davis roadtrip, about what it's like to travel with the Rainbow Wahine.

What took the longest to adjust to as a freshman?alt

Destiny King: “When you come in as a freshman, you’re not used to all of the jetlag, but you get used to it.  Now that I’m a senior, just traveling is not that bad.  We know what to do to prepare, we know what to eat to prepare our bodies.”

Kalei Adolpho: “You get into a routine.  You know what works for you, what doesn’t work for you.  Traveling is a good time to bond with your teammates.  Sometimes it can be a little much because you’re around each other so much, but it’s fun you really get to know each other when you’re around each other that much."

What do you and your teammates do to pass the time?

DK:  “Our recent game is Uno, playing is always pretty fun on the bus.  We get very competitive.”

What advice do you give to underclassmen when it comes to travel?

KA: “Sleep on the plane, definitely figure out how to sleep on the plane.  I think preparing things before you leave is very helpful, in your apartment or your dorm room before you leave so that when you come back it’s ready. Because you’re tired when you come home from your trip, having that all set up ready for your week is helpful.”

DK:  “One of my biggest would be stretching after you get off of the plane.  That, and the time difference.  Getting used to that really early.  Going to bed at the time that you’re in, instead of Hawai‘i-time because it’s going to be difficult when you get up in the morning.”

How are you able to stay on top of your studies during season?

KA: “It’s definitely helped us be more organized, through the years, just being better at time management.  It’s something that you definitely need to know how to do when you’re on the road.  Know when your assignments are due ahead of time, know what you’re missing, and find the time to do it.  It forces you to develop that skill.”

altWhat is the best part of roadtrips?

DK & KA:  “Beds, pillows and the AC. And the food, definitely the food.”

What are the fans like on the road?

KA:  “It’s even more amazing to have that come here, to have all of those people be able to see how we play on the road and to see us in another environment and to have others see what we get to play in front of at home.”

What is the biggest lesson you're learned so far during your time as a student-athlete?

DK:  “Mine was growing up, maturing.  Being more independent from your parents.  Bing a role model.  I think that’s one of the biggest lessons.  Showing them that you can be a student as well as an athlete, you can be successful at both.

KA:  “Having a goal and wanting to accomplish something and not having it go the way I want it to go.  Figure out ways around it, push through it, maybe accept it.  But, continuing to strive for what I want and maybe my goals may have changed, but always having something that I’m striving for and being able to push through adversity.

Story by Olivia Phelps (@OliviaGPhelps).