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Basketball Mid-Season Interviews Available on BigWest.TV

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With two more months to go before tournament time, the Big West Conference men’s and women’s basketball coaches had their annual mid-season media conference calls to discuss their seasons thus far.  Hear the coaches’ perspectives about their non-conference schedules, the start of the league season, and the players that are making their mark.  Interviews are audio-only and are available exclusively on BigWest.TV.

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The Big West Conference and CBS College Sports are partnering to bring exclusive Big West events to you.  In its fourth year, BigWest.TV gives fans on-demand access to LIVE coverage of Big West contests as well as press conferences, features, and Big West Conference Championships.  If you can’t make it to the gym or the field, head to BigWest.TV to catch up on your favorite team!


Cal Poly

 Men's Basketball  Head Coach Kevin Bromley
 Women's Basketball  Head Coach Faith Mimnaugh


Cal State Fullerton

 Men's Basketball  Head Coach Bob Burton
 Women's Basketball  Head Coach Dr. Maryalyce Jeremiah


Cal State Northridge

 Men's Basketball  Assistant Coach Louis Wilson
 Women's Basketball  Head Coach Staci Schulz


Long Beach State

 Men's Basketball  Head Coach Dan Monson
 Women's Basketball  Head Coach Mary Hegarty


UC Davis

 Men's Basketball  Head Coach Gary Stewart
 Women's Basketball  Head Coach Sandy Simpson


UC Irvine

 Men's Basketball  Head Coach Pat Douglass
 Women's Basketball  Head Coach Molly Goodenbour


UC Riverside

 Men's Basketball  Head Coach Jim Wooldridge
 Women's Basketball  Head Coach John Margaritis


UC Santa Barbara

 Men's Basketball  Head Coach Bob Williams
 Women's Basketball  Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb


University of the Pacific

 Men's Basketball  Head Coach Bob Thomason
 Women's Basketball  Head Coach Lynne Roberts



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